The Newfoundland Men's Softball
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Welcome to the home of The Newfoundland Men’s Softball Team. Our softball team has participated in numerous tournaments over the past few years. Most recently, competing in the SPN Nationals in Moncton this August and finishing fifth.

We will be attending the 2007 SPN Softball Nationals next summer in Niagara Falls. To this end we will be hosting a series of fundraising events to help offset the costs of travelling and participating in the Nationals.


The Newfoundland Men’s Softball Team will be hosting a 50-50 Playoff Hockey Pool. The pool will not be ready to enter teams until all playoff seedings are determined.

The basic format of the this pool is you pick the teams you think will win each round of the playoffs all the way through to the Stanley Cup Final. You receive points for every round you are correct with each round being worth more points than the previous. The entry with the most points after the final wins!! In the event of a tie there are a couple of tie-breaker questions you must answer.

Click here to enter the 50-50 Hockey Pool

Click here for the 50/50 Hockey Pool Results


When: Cancelled until further notice

Time: 7:00pm

Registration: $20/Player

Park Place Community Center
61 Park Avenue, Mount Pearl
Map showing location...

1st: $400
2nd: $100


Leaders After Round 3

1st Paula Hearn 36
T-2nd Mary Lake 31
T-2nd Krista Austin 31
4th Elaine Bonnell 30
T-5th 4 Players 28

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